Want to stay up to date on how A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. is operating during COVID-19?

The office of A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. now has a secure document drop-box in the front entry way for our clients!

Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Friday 8:30 am – 12 noon.
The drop box will be closed on Fridays.

In an effort to help stop the spread, we ask that clients wait outside until the entry way is clear. Please only 1 client in the entry way at a time.
*If you or your family is in the 14-day quarantine period, please do not deliver your papers or set up an appointment before your 14-day quarantine period is over.

A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. Is Working For A Better Tomorrow For All Tax Payers

It is hard to believe that I took on my first client in 1967. Where has the time gone? So many drastic changes in Income Tax Laws and their application!

Although I am no longer involved in the daily posting of clients’ business transactions I keep up to date with the clients’ progress. This includes meeting with them to discuss events and make financial plans for the future, such as starting or expanding a business venture.

And then comes the time that so many people seem to dread – Income Tax Time. Our computer program allows us to make year to year comparisons for income, allowable deduction and tax credits. A major benefit to this is it enables us to help track missing items from a return.

Please accept my invitation to drop in and talk with us. I am sure we will provide the assistance you need.

Gerald Withers

Gerald Withers, ICIA