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In May of 1967 I began my dreams of self-employment. Withers Accounting Services Ltd. was born. I used my knowledge of the banking industry, construction and automobile businesses to help my clients with their many different types of businesses. Over the years I have seen a number of advancements in the accounting field, the accounting processes are different now compared to when I first started in business. I worked out of my own home and hired students to assist with the task of manually preparing and filing business returns. Today, most of the accounting records are prepared using a computer rather than manually.

In 1988 I married Rosemary who was a huge part of the company growth up until her passing in 2002. As the company grew, we moved the office to our semi-attached garage, in New Maryland, NB, which we converted into an office. In 1993 the company incorporated as A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd, with Rosemary as President.

Over the years A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. has continued to grow and grow. In the fall of 2002, the office moved to our current location at 496 New Maryland Highway, New Maryland, NB. The company began with just me and today it employs me plus 6 full-time accountants. All of the 6 full-time accountants have worked at A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. since the beginning of their careers in the accounting field.

I, like the rest of the staff at A.L.L. Accounting Services Ltd. take pride in the fact that our clients are able to sit down and talk to us about their businesses and are comfortable in doing so. We maintain friendliness and down to earth service for all our clients.

Gerald Withers